When a conflict with close friend occur

Many people have a conflict with close friend, but that thing does not make them hostile. In friendship, that thing is difficult to avoid. However, they can recognize problem again and rebuild the friendship after having conflict with close friend.

Conflict with close friend

Conflict with close friend

The important thing to do is try to eliminate it from your mind. It will help you avoid the hard feelings and grudges. And when solving conflict with close friend, one important thing that both of you must have an attitude of humility. Because both of you talk together in a disrespectful manner, you will make your close friend alienate you further.

You should remember that hurts in heart may take many times to heal than others. So, when you have conflict with close friend, you need to be patient to resolve it quickly.

Some steps to resolve a conflict with close friend

1. You need to identify what problem is

In many cases, it is obvious, but sometime it is rather hard to determine who is wrong. So, both of you have to get to the root of your conflict. If one of two you often angry with the rest person about their rude behavior, you need to tell them that they do not respect you.

2. You need to leave close friend alone

Instead of torturing them with many questions, let them think about that problem again. And you need to do this until your close friend stop crying, insulting you or glaring…

Conflict with close friend

Conflict with close friend

3. You should consider your options

You can choose some options for resolving this problem. Every situation is different, but the best way is talking to your close friend directly after a conflict with close friend occurred. And you can leave them until they forget about it. Moreover, you should also admit all your faults. Those things will make close friend feel better. After that you should wait and see consequence from them.

4. You have to accept the outcome

If your close friend does not want to keep the friendship, you do not need to get nasty. And you need also accept the responsibility for your role in the conflict with close friend. After that you apologize to close friend and tell them that you want to make friend again.

5. Do not anything you will regret

Do not try to make your close friend jealous because they may make you feel embarrassed and disappointed. From that, they will dislike you more.